Jun. 19th, 2009

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[Matt has remembered dying in the mansion, but he hasn't actually died.

"You've probably got a lot to ask me," he hears himself say, as if from far, far away. "You aren't going to shoo-"

They shoot.

Mello’s gonna be pissed when I'm not there, he thinks. But that's wrong; he can read what he missed before in the images tumbling through his mind, so slowly--how is he falling so slowly? Mello will just be annoyed Matt beat him to the other side.

He's insensible when he hits the ground, but he wakes up roaring mad. How,
how the fuck could Mello die, or leave, or whatever the bleeding hell he did, when he had to know the only thing Matt would ever ask of him was that he live?

He doesn't push the door open, he kicks it, and he kicks it again once it falls shut, over and over until his foot, even in the boot, is numb, and his vision's gone blurry. He shoves the goggles up onto his forehead, but it doesn't help.

By the time anyone would come down the hall and find him, he's sitting with his back against the door, a cigarette burning forgotten in one hand, the fingers of the other pressed to his eyelids.]

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